10 Tricks to Dominate Reverse Psychology

10 Tricks For Reverse Psychology

Who has not ever gotten what he wanted using reverse psychology? This technique, which is to tell someone to do exactly the opposite of what we want, does not work with everyone but it is a powerful weapon to educate children and to seduce who we like. To master this technique, brings you 10 tips to help you apply it advantageously.

  • It is effective in people who hate being told what to do.
  • It is easier to use when a person is sensitive.
  • Challenge the other person insisting on an argument contrary to what you want to achieve.
  • Say the opposite of what you’re discussing keeping the same tone.
  • When conquering someone who just wants to be your friend, tell him you agree and just want their friendship and nothing else.
  • You can also use it as a challenge: “I bet you fail to arrive on time!
  • Make sure it’s credible and practice it before going in full-throtle.
  • Do not give up, until you finish doing what you wanted to do that person, do not give in, it is a crucial moment.
  • Your argument increases with the expectation of freedom. Trust in your words and you’ll see the other person agree with you.
  • Remember to use it to help positively in the relationship with the other person. Use it negatively and you’ll lose your friends in the process.

Finally, we invite you to watch the following fun video where you can see the reverse psychology with the pure innocence of this child.

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