10 Things You Must Change When You Stop Living Alone

Living alone is a unique and unparalleled experience, you learn to know yourself and to be more independent, but also develop bad habits which, although don’t seem bad when you’re alone, you must change when you decide to share the day with someone else. shows you some examples of habits to change to have an orderly and healthy living.

1. The waste bag limit

Empty The Trash

Letting the wastebasket fill beyond the limit isn’t something you can carry on doing. Take it out before it overflows, it will save time and arguments.

2. Garbage in every corner of the house

Throw Out Garbage

Bedside ,table, desk, table … those are places that often accumulate empty waste when one lives alone. But not anymore! When you start sharing the space, the waste basket should be your destination at the time they become waste.

3. The empty plates in the fridge

Buy Some Food

“What do you have empty plates in the fridge?” Sound familiar? When you stop living alone avoids leaving empty plates in the fridge. You’ll also avoid a fight.

4. The mountain of clothes on the chair

Organize Your Clothes Chair

The chairs fulfill various functions when you live alone; They can take the role serving tables, stairs, and even closets. But for a warm coexistence, you also have to be ordered with your clothes.

5. The floor and the couch and closet, pantry, desk …

Organize Your Clothes From The Couch

If the chairs should not accumulate clothes, neither should the couch and floor. Leave things around will not only damage you in the long run but it will also damage the relationship with your partner.

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6. Change the toilet paper roll when it runs out

Change Your Toilet Paper

Ten centimeters of toilet paper are useless. If being alone you are too lazy to change the roll until the next time you need to use it, in the company of someone you must remember that you’ll have to change the roll when it’s running out. “Start thinking for two” is what should apply to each daily thing.

7. Stop leaving the door open while you use the toilet

Close The Door While You Use The Toilet

When you live alone you do not need doors for privacy. But beware! Stop with this habit when you start living as a couple. And for the love of God, if you have only one bathroom, don’t spend the rest of your life in it, the other person might have to use it as well!

8. Stop using all utensils until you have no choice but to wash one

Wash Your Dirty Mugs

Laziness is the defect that affects a person living alone, it’s easy to get lots and lots of piles of dirty dishes. This alone will make cleaning even more difficult if you don’t clean them right after they are used. Remember, do not leave for tomorrow what you can do today.

9. Poor eating habits

Develop Good Eating Habbits

Research examining nutrition and eating habits of adults living alone and those living accompanied notes that the former are more likely to have a lousy diet. Seize your life partner and ask him to help you change your eating habits!

10. Eating straight out of the fridge

Use Fridge Organizers

Living alone when you’ve already used all the available dishes and being too lazy to wash them, eating directly from containers or jars. But no longer, you have no excuse to continue doing this. You are now part of a team that must work in tandem.

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Make the most of these changes, and this will help you be ordered in other aspects of life and to attain better results!

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