10 Movies That Will Open Your Mind

Movies That Will Open Your Mind

The films that allow you to see life from a different angle, will leave an incredible mark on your soul forever. After seeing them, you feel a strong emotion and you have a deeper understanding of the world that surrounds you. gathered some films in which the main thing is the plot, but have lots of what ifs hidden in them at the same time.

Fight Club

Tormented by chronic insomnia, an employee who is desperately trying to escape his boring life, meets Tyler Durden, a charismatic soap salesman with a very perverted philosophy. After that encounter, his life changes drastically.

Shutter Island

Two federal agents investigating the disappearance of a patient in a psychiatric clinic for offenders. They travel to one of the islands in the state of Massachusetts, where the clinic is located. In their search, they will face a web of lies and some unexpected data. Something strange is happening on that island. And everyone knows …

The Jacket

Jack Starks, a veteran of the Gulf War, with strong character and sincere eyes, is admitted to a psychiatric clinic, and accused of a murder he did not commit.

Mr. Nobody

A child loves both his parents equally, but must choose one of them, and that choice is all his life. Is it a gift or a curse? Does it have any meaning? He knows what to expect. But will you be excited about that?

Den Brysomme Mannen

It is a film about a choice, about the limits we set. Most dream about having a job with a nice view from the window, our own office, company, free relations… The people of the city at first glance, have no problems. But then, a stranger arrives that starts asking a lot of questions and stirs up their community.

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The Thirteenth Floor

One of the leading experts in the field of computer and programming innovations created a system that allows human beings immerse themselves in the virtual reality that represents New York in the 30s. Without waiting for the system to be perfected, a rookie decides to enter the new virtual reality in order to seek sexual pleasures.

The Fountain

Three stories in three different time spans are presented in this movie. Each story could be a separate film worthy of an Oscar for the sincerity and love showcased.

The Truman Show

Here you will not see bears on bicycles or clowns. Only Truman, who lives in a television studio. In his world, there is not a trace of cruelty, tears or cynicism. You can sympathize or envy. Laugh or mourn. But this show will be recorded in your memory forever.


Young Leonard has an ordinary disease, loss of short term memory. He remembers everything until the tenth day, the day when his wife died, but he does not know where he slept the night before or what people were at his side. People with this diagnosis are usually treated in special institutions, but Lenny has one goal, to avenge the murder of his wife.

The Matrix

All life on this planet is a dream. You can not wake up without help from the outside, much less understand what is happening. Every day people are unaware that they are only living energy.

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