10 Illustrations of Your Sleeping Position and Relationship Mood

Sleeping Position And Relationship Mood

Recently, at the International Science Festival Edinburgh there were presented the results of some studies in the field of psychology. These showed that any change in a relationship was immediately reflected in the positions that the couple sleeps in. The important thing is not the position in which they lie down, but how you sleep and wake up.

Based on the sciencedaily data of professor Richard Wiseman, University of Hertfordshire, and psychologist Corinne Sweet, created this guide with the different sleep positions of couples that will help you better understand your relationship.


Honeymoon Sleep Position

This is the posture that is being used by couples who were obligated to spend a lot of time away from each other.  If this position is used without any previous separation then it means that they still have a lot of passion in their relationship.


Dialogue Sleep Position

The dialogue position is used by a couple that understands each other. They have a strong relationship from the mental point of view, but they need to spend more time together and communicate more.

Seeing Stars

Seeing Stars Sleep Position

Both are face up, one’s head rests on the shoulder of the other. In this position, the dominant position tends to be occupied by the man. This couple has a relationship full of harmony and peace. There may be slight discomfort because one must always adapt to another.

Strong Man

The Strong Man Position

This position resembles the previous one but is more intimate. It is common in couples used to care for each other, without fear of tenderness. It usually states that the man is the boss in the relationship.

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With Contact Points

The Butt Sleeping Position

The life of this couple is quiet.  They respect the personal space of their spouse, rubbing their backs. Both of them think it’s important to feel the close presence of the better half.

Space to Rest

Space For Rest Position

This position is chosen by couples who have things that are left unsolved. But there is also another angle to it: both are true individualists, each of them requires a broad personal space.

The King Bed

The King Bed Position

People who find it important to reassert their feelings for the partner tend to sleep in a stretching position. This sleeping position is often seen when one of the partners is selfish and only thinks about his own well being.


The Spoon Position

This position shows a relationship full of passion and harmony. It’s often seen during the first years of marriage. Whoever is behind plays a dominant role in the relationship. The other enjoys the feeling of protection.

Spoon at a Distance

The Spoon At Distance Position

The couple is still sleeping in the ‘spoon’ position, but they give greater freedom to each other. It is one of the most complicated positions, which usually means one of two things:

  1. The position indicates the relationship where passion subsided, at least for one of the two. They no longer feel the need for physical contact or simply are not happy with one another.
  2. In the second case, the person who is more frustrated wants to get more attention.

Loving Peacefully

Loving Position

The couple did not spend the night in close contact with each other, but rub their feet as if unintentionally. This is the pattern of sleep for couples whose relationship reigns harmony and confidence. They give each other total freedom, leaving a small “bridge” to rub.

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